Bendis, the goddess of the moon, the woods, and the family is one of our oldest pagan gods. Inspired by our beautiful Romanian folklore and mythology, this beautiful shirt, with its long sleeves was worn by high preastesses. The line crossing the sleeves, when these are rolled up, formes the ancient spiral of eternity (symbol found in countless evidences of ancient civilisations that lived on our territory). Midwives at the Moldavian countryside still wear this kind of shirt when they help deliver a child in this world - the simple gesture of holding the new-born in her arms becomes philosophical, symbolically placing the child in the spiral of eternity. The W shape of the priestess is found on some of the oldest artefacts discovered in Romania, belonging to the mysterious Cucuteni civilisation that populated our territory, around 4000 years later the same symbol having been depicted on Ancient Greek pottery (!). The Ancient Greeks and even the Romans seem to have borrowed some of our deities and traditions, many evidence showing that our territory was the melting pot of a very old and prosperous, spiritually and materialistically speaking, ancient civilisation.”



2 sided pillow cases:

Front is digitally printed on  soft-like-butter triple knitted cotton.

The back is made out of soft, close-cut, stretch velvet.

Featuring a concealed zip fastening.

Square pillow case (41/41 cm)  =18 €/ 80 RON*

Rectangle pillow case (40/60 cm)  = 20 €/ 90 RON*

*prices include a matching pillow -> ready-to-throw-on your favorite day bed or reading chair

Thank you, Alice, for hosting us.

Awesome pillows made by my awesome designer friend